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I don’t fear Google+

You would think that because my partner and I are developing we would be hesitant and a little fearful of today’s announcement of Google+. This is after all Google’s answer to Facebook and social networking as a whole. Google+ shares a few things in common with SocialMore in terms of grouping people and sharing […]

Naval Burial

In March of 2007 my father passed away at the age of 65. My father was in the Navy when he was younger. He served his four years. He always remembered being in the service with a positive light. Something he was proud of doing and as a result carried a great respect for the […]

SocialMore updates

Some of you here are interested in what we’re doing at SocialMore. So I figured I’d give you some updates.  For several months my partner and I had trouble finding time to work on the site. But that’s over now. We’re now on a weekly working schedule. So every week you’ll see updates to the […]