Why is it

… a girl can use the word “sexy” in her username or to describe herself. But if a man uses it, people either think he’s joking or incredibly arrogant. Are guys not sexy? I’ve heard girls call guys sexy.

Thank you

Just wasted to say thank you to everyone who rec’d and commented on my last entry http://roxics.xanga.com/738051098/get-your-username-while-you-can/. Not to mention all of you who signed up. You guys are great. :) 32 rec’s is more than I ever expected.

Celebrity f*ck list

I remember seeing and episode of Entourage a couple years back. In it, Vincent (who is a young hot Hollywood movie star) met a girl on the street and the two of them ended up in bed together. Afterward she told him she had a boyfriend but that Vincent was on her celebrity fuck list. […]

Squeezin the juice

So yeah my weekend was productive. I decided that among the many businesses I’m starting, the other two being my social media company and eventually my own clothing line,  I’m going to start making my own smoke juice. If it’s any good I’m going to bottle it and sell it. I picked up some supplies […]


…NASA has discovered that we all now have something new to be racist toward. Or is the word specist? Either way we’re gonna hang those mutherfuckers by their throat, as soon as we find their throat.

There’s no conspiracy

What does the government have to gain by taking our freedoms away? Who actually benefits from this and how? I have a couple of friends who sadly seem to eat up everything Alex Jones and other government conspiracy theorists seem to say. I’m sorry but I don’t buy it. While there is no doubt in […]

Penis pictures

…can be found in a variety of places across the internet. But not here. Maybe you can rec this post and we can see how many people we can fool into clicking on this. P.S. Apparently reddit.com/r/gonewild is the place where young ladies post faceless nudes pictures of themselves for karma points.