Just an update

Things are moving slow. I kinda feel like like an ass for saying we’re opening two months ago and then we didn’t. But things are looking up. We set a date. It’s February 4th, 2011 where we open our doors to everyone. December 1st is when we “hope” to begin testing it with a limited audience. It’s going to be very basic to begin with. We’re going to test the crap out of it and then keep adding the rest as we go. 

It’s already all laid out. But we have to take it in stages. I’m excited. Very excited. Because I really want to use it myself. That’s the biggest reason I designed it. I hope others want to use and find it really useful as well.

Getting people there is going to be the hardest part. Keeping them there is going to be dependent upon whether other people are there. It’s always a catch 22. You have to find a way to break that cycle and once people are there you have to find a way to reestablish that cycle so that people don’t want to leave.

Facebook is not popular because it’s a great system. It’s popular because it’s popular. So we can’t be facebook. We have to be something different and we are. Although those who first use it in the beginning may not fully see how different. Because not everything will be up and running in the first few months. But I think there are a couple of things that will catch peoples eye right from the beginning.

I know there are hurdles we don’t foresee. But if we take it in stride all should be well.

As a friend of mine recently said to me “no one is going back to myspace and facebook is going to get old with people pretty soon. You’ve got a hell of a thing here and I really want to use it. I think others will too.”

It’s things like that that keep my faith up.

Leaving Xanga

Just so you know, come February of next year I will be leaving xanga. Most of you probably know that my partners and I at SocialMore Media Inc. have been developing a new social networking website for the past 8 months. It launches to the public on February 4th, 2011.

Obviously as ceo of this company how would it look if I blogged on a website that was not our own? Of course being that I know this I’m not going to switch to something that is inferior to xanga. Which is why we’ve paid a lot of attention to our blogging features.

As a result I will not be holding my annual booty contest I’ve held here in March for the last two years. I will however be holding it on socialmore if there are enough participants. I may have to skip a year until we build enough of a membership. I don’t know. It just depends on how quick the site takes off.

I will of course be taking all my existing xanga blog entries with me. As we will allow easy importation of xanga accounts, facebook accounts, LJ, wordpress, blogger and more.

I very much like xanga and I absolutely love the community here, all my readers and all the people I read. Obviously no one is stopping you from having an account on both websites, so I hope you do join me there in February.

I’m not leaving yet. I will continue to blog here until February. This is just a three month heads up.


I’m a crossdresser, but so are you

I’ve done this post before or some type of iteration of it. But many of my themes repeat. If you notice my pattern, I don’t always blog to just spout off. Often I have a goal and that goal is to raise awareness and open peoples minds. This would be one of those entries.

If you’re a woman, chances are, you’re a crossdresser. The minute you put on a pair of pants, you walked into classic male territory. Not satisfied with that answer? Well have you ever bought a pair of guys jeans because they fit better or borrowed/stolen your boyfriends [insert article of clothing here]. Then you are a crossdresser.

But that’s not so bad is it? I mean, girls these days can get away with it right? It’s never a big deal. In fact you probably don’t even think about it. It’s probably not even a question.

The problem is society hasn’t been nearly as understanding for guys. While we certainly do have many choices in fashion, we often see repeats of the same thing over and over again. While this is typical in fashion, it’s not as broad a spectrum for men as it is for women.

For example, men in the United States do not wear skirts. At best a man will wear a kilt for certain situations. But even then that tends to be limited to men of Scottish decent doing something Scottish.
However in Europe more and more men are beginning to wear skirts as high fashion houses pump them out. However ask any American male if he’ll wear a skirt and most of tell you “hell no” in a completely disgusted, proud and ignorant voice.  Apparently our society seems to have forgotten that men on this planet have worn skirt and dress like garments for thousands of years longer then we’ve worn pants. Even today 2/3rds of the worlds male population wear skirt/dress like garments. 

As another example, men are made fun of and snickered at for wearing tights or leggings without anything covering them. Yet women freely walk around in daily society dressed as such. It’s even become popular.

I’ll give you another example. Remember this past summer when I said I was going to buy a bathing suit that looks like this:

(mine is black)

I had to go to ten different stores. Every single store had the same exact thing. Mens bathing suits were all boxer shorts that came down to the knee and were very loose fitting.  The only thing that changed between them was the color and print. I finally found what I was looking for at a sporting goods store. But I was shocked that there was absolutely no variety in mens bathing suits in regular shopping malls and discount stores. Meanwhile if you ventured into the womens section, variety galore! One pieces, two pieces, string bikinis, bikinis, boyshorts, little skirts, full tops, bikini tops, the list goes on and on.


Plain and simple. We need a revolution in male fashion. But the problem is, here in the United States men are so fucking scared of being called ‘gay’ they don’t want to take any chances. Or they’ve been programmed to believe that anything outside of their norm is ‘gay.’ I don’t understand how sexual orientation got associated with mens fashion. A womans sexual orientation is never questioned when she puts on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. Unless she absolutely attempts to go extremely bull dike, she’s good. But with guys its another story.

Personally I started wearing womens panties and leggings. I really don’t give a fuck. I’m not gay. My sexuality has nothing to do with it. I’m not pretending to be a woman either. Just like a woman isn’t pretending to be a man when she buys a pair of guys jeans because they fit better. I just happen to like all the styles, color choices and cut of womens underwear. I can buy a pair of womens spandex boyshorts for $3 in a variety of colors. They’re cheaper then guys spandex boxerbiefs by half the price or better and they contour my ass more than the mens do.

As for the leggings, once again I like all the variety of colors, patterns and styles. In the winter I usually wear longjohns because my legs get cold. But sometimes they get too warm. Especially if I go from being outside to being in the office for a while. The leggings are a great middle ground, because they’re tight to the leg so they trap heat, but they’re also thin enough they don’t get too toasty. Not to mention they don’t get caught on your jeans the way cotton longjohns do, they double as socks and as an added benefit they’re supposed to be better for the circulation in your legs.
Once again, try to find these for guys in any regular store and you’re out of luck. So you got to buy the womens. But that keeps 99.9% of the guys away from even thinking about it. As a result they don’t reap the benefits.

If people give me strange looks when I’m out shopping, it’s their own narrow-mindedness. They accepted one pattern of societal behavior that is just one of billions that could have been accepted. All things can change. But surprisingly most people don’t give me strange looks. Most people have been really cool. Which means progress is being made. Ever so slightly.  But mens fashion really needs a revolution.



Cock Docking (NSFW)

I will admit that for as much as I know about sex, there are certain things that have eluded me. One of those things happens to be cock docking. As a circumcised male living in a circumcised nation, we guys don’t hear about a lot of the foreskin stuff. It also doesn’t help that I’m not fucking a bunch of guys when it comes to acquiring such knowledge.

So what is it? Well in a nutshell (no pun intended) cocking docking is where a guy inserts his penis into another mans foreskin and cums inside of it. Apparently the guys who do this, love it. But then they would, wouldn’t they?

Well, not that I’m really all about getting it on with a guy, but lets just say that this is just another reason to miss my foreskin. Damn you society! But fret not, if you’re a male who wants to have a cock docking experience, there are plenty of uncut guys out there willing to let you penetrate them.

Pictures below.


Going public with my Xanga

I’m thinking about going public with my Xanga account. It’s been locked down for nearly two years now. I would like to get on the front page again. I could use some more readers. But I’m still thinking about it.

One of the reasons I locked it down to begin with was because of the annual xanga booty contest I’ve held the last couple of years. But I won’t be doing one of those for 2011. So… what’s the point in keeping it locked down?

However it does mean no more nudity and nothing too extremely racy in subject matter.

Confessing sins

What does depression, anxiety, envy, jealousy, vanity and loneliness all share in common?

A self centered outlook on life.

If we can just find a way to do more for others and expect less for ourselves. We could be happier.

I’m so guilty of this and it needs to change.


I heard the future of music and it’s…

Absolutely EPIC!

I’ve been listening to E.S.Posthumus for years. Their albums Unearthed and Cartographer were incredible. Their new album Makara is unbelievably EPIC. As someone in their review described it “It’s like battle music for movie trailers.”

But then I heard this collaboration (video above) and I feel like I’ve heard the future of music and it’s absolutely EPIC!

 I want more!


Xanga Crushes

Last night my girlfriend asked me if I had any xanga crushes. I don’t know where that question came from. But what a loaded one it is. I told her no, not in the sense of women I’m crushing on.

To me a crush is someone you really really like and want to get to know more. You’re sort of head over heels about them. With that definition, my answer stands. No, I don’t have any xanga crushes. Sorry ladies.

But there are girls on xanga I think are really cool. There are girls on xanga I would consider being naughty with. My girlfriend knows this because there are girls on xanga she would be naughty with and girls she would want me to be naughty with, along side her.

I’m not going to say who they are because that would seem creepy.

But you should know I’m making a list of who’s naughty and who’s nice. I think you should too.

Straddle Toilet

So as a man I wake up in the morning sometimes where I linger in that state between sleep and awake. Like most guys, many of those mornings include a raging hard-on accompanied by some sexual thoughts that seems to appear from the ether.

This morning was no different. I lay in bed only to be visited by a strange concept for something my mind told me was a straddle toilet. A what!? Followed by images of women in nightclubs visiting the restroom together and joining each other in the stalls to sit down on an elongated toilet straddling each other front to back.


This is absolutely ridiculous and I’m laughing even typing it out, but it’s also pretty kinky.

I guess my logical engineering male sex mind decided this was a good idea. Because so many women run off to pee together and so many have to wait in line at busy nightclubs for their chance to get in a stall. Once they do they chit chat between stalls. But if you can double up in each stall you can save space and time. Seeing as you’re already pretty wasted by that point of the night, it’s not difficult to let go of your inhibitions and straddle your BFF while the two of you pee.

Why my mind goes in these directions I don’t know.


Going drag, shaving the legs, being the man

Last Thursday I shaved my legs. Because I do crazy shit sometimes. The first day/night they were really sensitive and felt strange as my jeans and sheets rubbed against them. Almost annoying. But they got better. My girlfriend was mad. She said they were smoother than hers. Of course they were, I haven’t been dragging a razor against them for years.

For some reason tonight they felt really good in the shower. I felt the water running down them and it was getting kinda steamy and not just from the hot water. I was about to have sex with myself for a second there. ;P

Last night I went out with my buddy Dan to the gay bar gay bar. I went in drag. Hey my legs were already shaved. To be honest I just wanted an excuse to wear leggings to the bar and show all the gay boys what they couldn’t have. But if you wear leggings you have to wear high heels, to accentuate the ass. And of course you must be modest, so a long sweater is the best option. Guys sweaters aren’t long and don’t come down mid thigh, so a womans wool sweater was in order. One with a little belt that goes around the waist. From there you might as well put on some pink sparkly lipstick and brown mascara and make a night of it.

So I did.

Fucking five inch platform heels (womens size 16) are no easy task, but I was managing to run down the street in those damn things. So kudo’s to me for whatever strange kind of leg muscles I had developed over time to be able to accomplish that.

Men if you’ve never worn five inch platform heels all night… you’re a pussy! Get with the picture.

At the very least you’ll develop some level of sympathy for womens toes.