OkCupid Sucks!

Honestly I’ve never gotten any messages or any replies. What am I doing wrong?Maybe you can take a look at my profile and tell me. http://www.okcupid.com/profile/Michaely It’s been months and nothing…. nothing. I’m happy to get all the “you’re hot” and such comments on xanga. Really I appreciated it. But it doesn’t seem to ever […]

Where religion fails

Things have taken a turn for me. Maybe you’ve noticed in my last few posts. I’ve been more reserved and traditional. You can chalk it up the fact that I’ll be turning 32 in a couple of months. As I’m entering that period of age where people psychologically turn from being more liberal to more […]

Opinions Needed

So we changed the default theme for SocialMore.com. The old one was cool and we got several people tell us how nice it was. But we also had a few people tell us it reminded them of facebook. It was cold and corporate looking. So we wanted something a little more fun. Please also click […]

Smoking vs Vaping

 Smoking has been around for thousands of years. It’s served us well. But it’s a thing of the past. Smoking bans have made it more difficult for smokers to enjoy their habit in comfort. Forced to go out into the cold. Forced to wait until they leave a restaurant before they enjoy that after dinner […]

A Silent Night

I sit here, listening to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata performed by E.S. Posthumus. Sipping white wine. Vaping. Reflecting on the world. I am in a state of good comfort. Life once again opens another door to a mystery uncovered. Suddenly I see clearly again. I understand. Good fortune is made by actions we take. My father […]

Ordered a Riva.

Well it’s been 23 days since I’ve had a real cigarette. I’ve been vaping on my e-cig the whole time, but my supplies are getting low. So I ordered one of these: A 510 Riva in black. Along with some of these:    Black empty 510 low resistance cartomizers. And some Tasty Vapors tobacco liquid […]