Rough and smooth

I know I’m not on here much anymore. Truth is I have been pretty busy and my internet connection at home still sucks. So i figured I’d outline a few things going on in my life. I got a raise at work and a really good peer review but apparently I need to be more […]

What is Spirituality?

I was listening to an atheist podcast a few weeks ago where one of the hosts said something along the lines of spirituality being a BS word that doesn’t really mean anything. Personally I don’t believe that. But I know where he was going with it. I’ve heard people throw around the word spiritual as […]

What is Guy’s night?

Guys night is a night where you get together with your buddies, you go out to a bar or club to either watch a game or people watch. It’s an excuse to have some beers and not feel guilty about standing around checking out the fine ladies and making comments to your friends about them.You […]

Gay for fun

SuggestiveTongue had a good entry about choosing to be gay or not. I made my comments there. But decided I wanted to expand on the bisexual aspect here. Being bisexual myself. My girlfriend and I have had this debate before. She has said to me, I don’t believe you are bisexual. I understand where she’s […]

What is gender equality?

I read this article from an older female journalist in the UK who was appalled by the Hooters restaurant. She got a lot of backlash in the comments from people who said things like “it’s the choice of those waitresses to work there, no one is forcing them.” In part of her article she talks […]

Music video I shot

About a month or so back I shot a music video for my friends new single “What Do You Mean.” I also did the initial edit on the video, but left it to him to do all the effects so that he could have control over that. Here is the video You can purchase the […]