A Thousand Points Of Light

Tonight has been filled with great inner thought. It feels like one of those nights when I was a teenager before the internet. Nights when I would sit up late in my room smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and letting the candles and incense burn while pondering the deep and spiritual. I was never one of […]

All My Websites

http://www.Roxics.com – Personal Blog http://www.MikeTesh.com – Professional site http://www.ScapeFilms.com – My indie film company All 3 of the above are currently running on wordpress but I’m moving them to the socialmore network later this year. http://www.Sobotics.com – Limited photography and resume (in the process of moving my resume to MikeTesh.com) http://www.MichiganFilm.org – Film community for […]

Meeting the guys

So Friday night I met up with the guys. We talked for 5 hours about the site. Things are sounding good. It’s not easy to build a facebook competitor. But it’s definitely worth it. It’s definitely going to give Xanga a run for it’s money too.  Don’t get me wrong. I like Xanga. But it’s […]

Advice to Guys on Datingish

I see these columns in Datingish like this one:http://www.datingish.com/731880329/10-things-i-dont-want-you-to-do-in-bed-fellas/ and I think to myself “who are you giving this advice too?” Because the douchebags you’re having these one night stands with are not reading Datingish. In fact they’re probably not on Xanga at all.  

SocialMore Update

Things have been rough. I’ll just put that out there first. Matt turned out to be really flakey. I mean really flakey. Basically he disappeared off the face of the earth for a week and didn’t return calls or emails from anyone, including friends or work. When he finally showed up again he got fired […]