Would you pay $10?

Would you pay $10 To read an online novel that was sprinkled with video clips, audio clips and pictures? I started thinking today about a story I’ve been working on for the last 15 years. Really it’s been that long. Not consistently though. Here and there. When I was younger I always dreamed that one […]

Self Loathing

I wish I was a better person. I wish I didn’t have the fears that I have. I wish I was more confident. I wish I was attractive. I wish I had more sex with more girls before I met my girlfriend. I wish one of my business plans would work out. I wish had […]

Tell me ladies

What am I doing wrong? Yet again tonight I met another guy at a party, a friend of my girlfriend she used to go to high school with. Somehow we got onto the conversation of sex and he told me he used to have threesomes with his ex girlfriend and some other girls they met […]

Sorry folks

A couple of people have pointed this out to me, which honestly I find kinda strange. But apparently I never told anyone what happened with my girlfriend and I. I didn’t realize so many people were concerned. lolAnyway yeah, several months ago we broke up for a few days but we patched thing up and […]

Invitation Only

In about a month we’re going to be opening up the beta of SocialMore.com. SocialMore is a next generation social network for staying in touch with people in real life and meeting new people.  It’s a better alternative to facebook.We’ve got a lot of very cool stuff in store but we’re going to need some […]

Did I do something wrong?

I know I haven’t been on xanga much lately. That’s because I lost my net connection at home. So I’ve been pretty limited. But I come back tonight and several people on my feed are suddenly no longer “friends.” As in, they have their blog on friends lock and I’m no longer able to read. […]

Girlfriend Issues

It’s not that I have a problem when my girlfriend tells me another guy she met is better looking than me. Well, it’s only happened once. The problem is when I see a picture of that guy and completely disagree. That’s when I have to question her taste. I mean if he looked like Boone […]

I love you gay

So last night my girlfriend was telling me about this episode of the Tyra Banks show. It was about Bromance (two straight guys who are really close). Anyway she was saying that there were these guys who would hold each others hand and kiss each other on the cheeks. Then there was these guys who […]