Me versus Google

It’s kind of disheartening when I tell some people what my friend Matt and I are doing. I get people saying things like “Why even try?” or they just listen and look at you like it’s no big deal. But the minute they hear Google is working on something new or facebook is working on […]

Objectifying Animals

The League of Animal Equality had this to say in a press release today.“We’re tired of being treated like objects just because we’re cute. We’re sick of you touching and fondling us. We have personalities and objectives just like you. We don’t need you making baby faces and talking to us like we’re retarded infants. […]

I’ve been away

I’ve been working on the new website a lot. Adding functionality for bands and visual artists. Talking to musicians about their myspace complaints, working on social club pages, film project pages. Generally trying to fix up the place. It’s shaping up to have a real bias toward, bloggers, actors, singers, visual artists, bands and filmmakers […]

Threesome in heaven

I’m not talking about the Trinity here either. But can any Christians tell me whether or not I’m going to get to have a threesome with two hot girls in heaven? Because that may change my whole perspective on religion. I’m serious.

If I were a church going Christian, I’d be Catholic

Why? Well they have the coolest churches and all the mythology with the hierarchies of angels and demons. I really don’t like all these modern southern baptist churches and happy-go-lucky televangelist style preachers in their fancy modern suits, bake sales and goody two-shoes sing-alongs. If I’m going to go Christian than give me something old […]