Bathing suit advice

I’m thinking about getting a new bathing suite for this summer. Seems like it’s going to be a hot one in Michigan this year, unlike last year. Do you think I can get away with something like this?   My question is, do I have the body to pull of something like this publicly? Please […]

String Bikini Briefs

Last weekend my girlfriend and I were out shopping, I needed to get some shorts and some short sleeve button up shirts for work. While we were there I decided to get some underwear as well. I decided I would try something different, so I picked up some string bikini briefs. Lately I’ve had a  […]

Teens are F*cked

These stories appear in the news all the time these days. We hear about 14 to 17 year olds snapping off jelly bracelets in turn for sexual favors. Just recently in Poland about five 15 year old girls got pregnant in the last year playing a game called “the sun.” This game involves 4 or […]

Are women holding men back?

…or is it men that are holding men back? Maybe both? I’ve come to notice over the years based on comments and things people have said elsewhere that when it comes to men being shown with other men in sexual positions, often times it’s women who are the most critical. Sure you get those narrow […]

Men and their cocks

There is man code and then there is man code. That code will vary depending on the guy you ask. To some people like myself, man code dictates that you don’t date your best buddies ex or even fool around with her. But other guys follow a man code that says differently. Their version of […]

Ancient Aliens

I woke up Saturday and sat down in front of the TV only expecting to catch a little news and then begin my (completely unplanned) day. As is usually the case with CNN and other cable news channels, they typically have a billion commercial breaks. So during one of these breaks I flipped over to […]

Xangans by first name

Every so often I see these posts where people mention other xangans by their first name. As if we are all supposed to know who they are. I’ll admit I only know a few xangans first name and those are usually the people that have it in their username somewhere. Then of course their is […]