Worship the Sun

It’s no secret that many religions began with worshiping the sun as a deity. Or rather personifying the sun as a deity. This actually makes a lot of sense. After all the sun is responsible for life here on earth. Without it our earth would grow cool and everything would die within a matter of […]

Opera Sucks

Last night the mobile opera browser became available for the iPhone. This is the fist alternative browser available for the iPhone. Seems a lot of people are really excited about it. Being the geek that I am I downloaded it and messed around for a while. I like having a second choice but honestly Opera […]

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

I’m loving this show. It’s just unfortunate there is only one episode left this season. Then I’ve got to wait for the lead actor Andy Whitfield to be healed from his treatable cancer and then wait for them to film the second season. If we’re lucky, that means probably next January at the earliest. I […]

Taxes piss me off

So in November of 2008 I had my boss change my tax paperwork to claim 0. This way they would take more money out and come early 2010 I would get more money back. Guess what? Upon doing my taxes it is telling me that I owe the federal government $487. What!!!! No No No, […]