2nd Annual Xanga Booty Contest

  Welcome to the 2nd Annual Xanga Booty Contest. Please see the official entry rules below. Last years contest can be found here:http://roxics.xanga.com/tags/booty Contest is Live right NOW! Check it out. You can still enter! Entry details below. Link to contest in progress (link) Entry and Rules:This is pretty simple. Email roxics@gmail.com with your xanga […]

Booty Contest?

Last March I held what I believed to be the first ever Xanga booty contest. It was fun. So I’m thinking about doing it again this year. Pretty soon in fact. Just seeing if anyone is interested in this.There is both a guys and a girls section of the contest. Last years contest.http://roxics.xanga.com/tags/booty EDIT: OFFICIAL […]

I’m the Man

Today I’ve got a bad case of the manliness. That is this crude “go fuck youself lol” kinda additude. With a smile on my face. It’s that whole, I can conquer the world with my penis arrogance. Meanwhile I’m trying really hard to be a better person. I’m trying not to come off as a […]


It occurred to me this morning that at some point we are going to build intelligent machines who are going to want bodies so that they can come out into the real world. Meanwhile we as humans continue to bury ourselves into computer screens and soon virtual reality. Basically trying to get into the machine. […]

Return of the 80’s

I was a child of the 1980’s. I lived through the whole decade. It was a great time to be a kid. As I’m sure every generation will say the decade they grew up in was a great time to be a kid. lol. Lot of big hair, neon colors and the beginning a mainstream […]

Smelling his underwear

I’ve had girls go out of their way to smell my underwear. Even admit to using a forgotton pair to help themselves rub one off. Yes guys, apparently chicks aren’t all that different then guys. Ladies I doubt if you’ve done this that you’ll admit to it here. So instead I’ll ask you all, does […]