Booty Call

A couple of people have asked me if they can enter more then one picture. One for each of the sub categories (nude, pants, undies). Part of me thinks this would be ok and fun. It would mean someone might have a second or third chance. But they would also be competing against their other […]

Job versus Career

I think the main difference between a job and career are pretty simple. A job entitles you to a personal life. A career requires you to be your job at all times. When someone asks what you want to be when you grow up they’re expecting a career answer. Nobody expects you to say “I’m […]

Just things

Slowly I’m trying to get myself in better shape. I wouldn’t say I’ve really been working out, but I’ve been doing push-ups and stuff on a regular basis again. I’ve seen some short improvements in my muscles getting tighter and my ability to do more push ups over the last two weeks. In two more […]

Dear Dudes

I know what you’re thinking “nobody wants to see my ass” or maybe it’s more like “I don’t want to see another dudes ass, so why would I put mine up there?” Whatever the reason you forget that most of the audience here is female. Yes, most of them do want to see it. Remember […]

Those drama girls

My girlfriend has a new sorta friend. She’s one of those girls who thinks she knows everything and loves drama even though she says she doesn’t. She has a stalker, of course. As a result she has a gun and many large knives. I’ve meet a few girls like this before. They bitch and moan […]

I raised the stakes

This years Xanga booty contest now comes with a 1st place prize of 6 months of xanga premium membership for the winner in both the girls and guys categories. I know the economy has been hard and people are broke and they don’t think about spending money on things like xanga premium memberships when times […]