Double Standard

I found this quote in the comments of a certain site. I thought it was “interesting”. I would like to know whether or not you agree. “If a man gets jealous when a woman hangs out with exes, he is wrong. If a man even mentions his exes, he is wrong.”

Evolutionary Psychology

I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday and I picked up this book that was in the discount section. It’s basically a layman’s introduction to evolutionary psychology. I’m not going to mention the title because honestly while it’s fascinating to read, it’s not all accurate and I don’t want anyone picking it up and thinking […]

Twenty Ten

I’m going into 2010 here with new ideas and a new outlook on life in general. I honestly feel like we are living in the future now. Lol. I know that doesn’t seem like it makes a lot of sense, but to me it does. What’s different going forward? Well for one I’m into making […]