Small breasted women illegal? This article talks about new laws in Australia where pornography featuring small breasted women can be deemed illegal. My question is, who judges this stuff? Basically the idea is to curb child pornography and even goes after women who look too young. In other words the woman could be in her twenties but look […]

The Sucker

Nobody wants to be the sucker in a relationship. Nobody wants to find out that for the last (insert period of time) their significant other has been cheating on them behind their back. This happened to me the last several months when I was married. I should have spotted it. I should have realized when […]

Linux vs the Apple iPad

For years linux has been attempting to gain ground in the desktop market. While successful as a server OS and even recently as the backbone of mobile OSes such as Android and Web OS, Linux has struggled for nearly two decades to make decent inroads onto the average consumers desktop or laptop. Mostly considered a […]

The technology in Avatar

Went and saw Avatar again tonight. Great movie. The computer animation is so beautiful and well done. The 3D is also wonderful. It’s done subtle, which is great. It’s not all “hey look what we can do” shoving things in your face. It’s very natural. I had a conversation with my sister earlier in the […]