2010 Booty Contest Results

Ok so all the votes are in for the 2010 Xanga Booty Contest (link). Sorry I’m a couple of days late here I’ve been really busy.

The two grand prize winners are:

Girl #2  – Anonymous

Guy “A”  – Soul_Pizza

Congrats to both. They win six months premium Xanga membership.
If you two want, you can use these banners on your weblog. Up to you.

As for our sub categories:

Nude: #2
Undies: Tie between #6 and #7
Pants: #12

Nude: “A”
Undies: “E”
Pants: There weren’t any guys wearing pants. 

Once again thank you to everyone who entered and everyone who voted. You all made it an awesome contest for it’s second year.
I may do another booty contest this summer. Maybe maybe not. Depends on how much interest there is. So keep a look out.

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