Questions about porn

Where do they find all these beautiful young women who are willing to do all this really crazy fetish stuff? How come when I was shooting my feature film I couldn’t even find a half way decent looking girl willing to even show a little bare ass cheek? I had to shoot a scene where […]

48 hours smoke free

I’m pushing 48 hours smoke free here pretty soon. Special thanks to my vapor. I got them on Thursday and there was a bit of an issue. I didn’t get everything I ordered. I made a complaint about the problem on the companies public forum (which I probably shouldn’t have) and all of their loyal […]

Sexual Holiday

When you really think about myth and folklore there is some really strange stuff. Santa Clause being a perfect example. If you really think about the story it’s completely wacky. So I’ve decided that as an exercise I would come up with a myth of my own. I’ve already gotten some input from Josh. If […]