Ending Up Ever After

I wonder. I just wonder. How many people end up with each other simply because it’s there. I see some people I’ve known for years who have obviously been dating for years. They don’t seem like they are really madly deeply in love. It seems more like they hit their thirties, they’re still together, so […]

Slave to the Computer

It started yesterday. I was at the bookstore with my girlfriend and I was looking around and I said to myself “I love books!” It’s the texture, it’s the shapes and sizes and all the different variations. Then I wandered over to the blank book section where I began feeling through all the leather bound […]


I’ve got some gear lust kickin. For what? A turntable. More specifically a Technics 1210 (black model). Here is a picture:   You might need to click it to see the whole thing. It’s not that I’m some huge audiophile (maybe a little bit – looks over at Grado headphones) or a DJ who wants […]

Stupid Lyrics

There is this song on the radio by “Ke$ha” called Tik Tok which has these lines in itNow, the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swaggerBut we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger I hate this line because it just screams “We have to find something that […]

Why do men cheat?

Failure of character maybe? I just find it funny that women even ask this question. Shouldn’t it be obvious that women make themselves up to look like candy sex objects. All glossy and tight and curvy and smooth, smelling and looking nice. All done up. Making themselves look like treats before our eyes. Even when […]

The Soul

What happens when I die? Do I lose my experiences? Do I lose my consciousness? I don’t know. But I trust in God. I had no control of being here to begin with, so I have no control in where I go. I just have to go on the premise that because I became aware […]