You’ve proven my point

From the replies to my blog found here: think it’s safe to say that such replies (and some of the debate within them) have proven the point I was making in that blog. So many different people, so many different variations of the truth. Nature rewards diversity. We know this. Just as it punishes […]

Builder of Communities

For years I’ve been a builder of filmmaking communities. Currently I run two such communities: http://www.CineSmall.com I also started this community (but no longer run it): Previously I’ve also had a couple of others under the names Vision Engine and The Filmamkers Forum. Which eventually evolved into the communities above. I don’t know why I’ve […]

Do you dream in 3D?

Are your dreams in 2D or 3D? Think about this for a minute. Can you even tell? I’m starting to get the feeling that dreams are forth dimensional or beyond. When I dream, not only to I see from the perspective of myself, I also see from a perspective outside myself. Seemingly all at the […]

Nuclear War – Should we stop countries from developing weapons?

The powers that be, the first world nations, have a general problem with third world and developing countries inventing their own nuclear weapons programs. Well actually any country these days. Including other first world countries that don’t already have them. They just don’t like it and they try to stop these countries from doing it […]

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

There are two of me. Person #1: A calm caring intellectual and creative person who is passionate and commited. Person #2: A sex maniac who wants to bang every fine piece of ass I see. Experimental and wild. Social and free. So which one of these two people are me? Lol, it’s easy to say […]

Palm Pre

Today I bought a Palm Pre. I’m still getting used to it. Quality wise the phone itself feels cheap. It’s slippery and a little difficult to open with one hand. I’m also not liking the physical keyboard. Something I thought would be a benefit. I know it’s basically the same keyboard as I’ve been using […]