Largest Pyramid Discovered – Ancient Mayan Worlds largest pyramid discovered. An ancient Mayan pyramid in Guatemala. I wonder what this is going to do to all the 2012 stories that relate to the ancient Mayan calendar ending on December 21st 2012. Coincidence? Conspiracy? Longer more in depth video

Man Problems

So you know how it happens. You’re in the grocery store and you’ve already gotten your things and you’re headed to the front. That’s when you spot the cute 18 year old cashier who happens to be ringing up another cute 18 year old girl. So you jump in that line completely oblivious to everything […]

Directing a TV Commercial

Yesterday I was in studio directing three 15 second television spots for a client. These should be pretty neat little spots once they are finished. I pretty much ran a one man crew acting as gaffer, cinematographer and director. I had two producers with me and of course the actors. Behind the scenes pictures below.

Sex toys for guys

Ok, I’ve noticed something lately. Maybe it’s not new, but it’s new to me. It seems that sex toys for guys are kind of considered “perverted”. I don’t really understand. Women have their sex toys and openly talk about them with their close girlfriends. I guess it depends on the group of girls. But most […]

Sex toys for guys

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Bending her over

Every once in a while when my girlfriend is undressed I’ll get up behind her and bend her over and grab her ass in my hand. She never seems to mind. In fact most of the time she seems to think it’s hot. I love this about her. But it phases me how submissive women […]

Sitting here naked

4:42AM It’s late and I’m at my girlfriends. She’s asleep behind me on the bed in only her panties and I sit here naked at her computer, unable to sleep. To be honest the reason I’m naked has nothing to do with sex. I have a fever and was trying to stay cool. I’ve been […]

I can only imagine

Given the current state of cell phones, I can only imagine that in the next two to three years we will have cell phones that can also be used as desktop computers. I can see using my cell phone out and about and then coming home and putting it on a dock which is hooked […]

Man versus Eyeliner

My girlfriend and I at a Halloween party this past weekend. I’m all for guys in eyeliner. But I think it works better for some guys then others. On me I think it works. I could be wrong. But I think so. What do you think about guys in eyeliner? You know, outside of Halloween. […]