Xvid Pirates

I’m not condoning piracy with this post. We all know there are people who pirate movies and TV shows with torrent trackers.But what baffles me are the formats that get shared. For some odd reason the Xvid (.avi) format is huge with video pirates. Has been for years. As well as strange resolutions like 624×352. […]

I’m excited

I just checked my Sprint account and it turns out I’m already eligible for a new phone discount as of the first of September. What it means is that I can renew my two year contract and get a new phone for the same price as a new customer would get it. Wish I would […]


I’m thinking of starting a blog promoting and highlighting male sexuality. I seem to keep returning to the topic on my blog a lot. It’s something that deeply interests me. The idea is to promote men being and feeling sexy themselves. Not necessarily what women find sexy in men. I understand that this could be […]

Nature vs Science

When I was growing up I was always under the assumption that “nature knows best.” When you are raised with a  religious background and a belief in God, it’s pretty easy to fall into this type of logic. After all, if there is a God then God controls everything and everything is as it should […]