Xanga in a nutshell

Welcome to Xanga Over here you’ll find the Christian right and the “wait till marriage” girlsTo their left are the unapologetic atheists who talk about nothing else.To the right sitting on those benches with flower petals at their feet are the same ten xangans you’ll see mentioned in every contest and entry about xanga.On the […]

WordPress Argh!

Generally speaking I like wordpress. I use it on four or five of my websites and have for years. But for years I’ve been struggling with it on my filmmaking site ScapeFilms.com. Why? Well the reason is because Scape Films is a video centric site and wordpress doesn’t seem to play well with video based […]

Republicans Suck! -A Rant

I’m so sick of Republicans. I really don’t care for their agenda. This whole concept that we should control everything about our individual lives.Our retirement, our health insurance and so on. It just doesn’t work anymore. Why in the world would you think it would be a good idea to disband social security? Because it […]

FX Tests

Just messing around. These are two rudimentary FX tests I did. The first one on Monday night and the second one tonight. The next film I’m making will have more visual effects. All the films I’ve made prior never really did. But the last film I made was in 2006 and I’ve learned a lot […]

You’ve gone too far

Is there such a thing as going too far you can’t go back? In a relationship that is. Do you always tell the truth or do you keep things to yourself? Maybe something about your past sexually that you don’t want your current partner to know. Something that you know might make them jealous, envious […]

What is Burning Man?

Can someone explain to me what Burning Man is? Have you ever been? I’ve seen lots of pictures from it over the years, as well as a couple of articles. I know it’s been around since 1986 but I still can’t seem to wrap my head around it. From the pictures it looks like some […]

3D Movies

I took my son Gabe to the movies this afternoon to see Ice Age 3D. It occurred to me that him and I have never been to the movies together. He’s 5 and I wasn’t really sure I wanted to take him at any younger of an age. I didn’t know if he would sit […]

Boring Sexual Partners

I am a very lucky man. My girlfriend and I are very compatible sexually. Which is difficult. So many girls are so afraid of trying things out because it’s either gross or it’s way too big for that or they just aren’t in the mood (all the time). I’ve always been a sexual insatiable, except […]