Making Changes

I know I still have to write that post about my own self perception. Sorry. After writing it my train of thought completely shifted. This post has a little to do with my own self perception, but it’s not my official self perception post. Lately I’ve been considering a change. I feel like I’m going […]

Is God all knowing? CQ#3

In my continuing series of questions about Christianity, here is my third. PastorSZ said something interesting in one of their replies to my first question. It was: “Omniscience has come to mean “knows everything,” which is not entirely the case, since God has chosen not to know certain things.  On the other hand, the more accurately […]

Christianity Question #2

How should people view God’s messages in the bible? Let me explain. I’m starting to look at Christianity from a different point of view. When I was younger I often viewed all of this as “God demands this of you or else!” Now I’m starting to look at it from the point of view of […]

The King of America

Watch The King of America in News Online  |  View More Free Videos Online at Former Moonies cult leader now a large political activist for the religious right, owner of the Washington Times newspaper and Americas largest sushi distributor. Also had US Congressmen crown him as the king of peace. Still crazy as all hell. WTF!?


When I was a christian I often thought much about heaven and what it might be like, how it would work and why.So lets examine some of those previous thoughts. We’re all aware of the stereotypical palace in the sky concept of heaven. This idea of angels flying among the clouds. A beautiful skyscape of […]


Elias Koteas                    Christopher Meloni So last night Melissa and I were watching the movie “The Haunting in Connecticut” and I’m thinking to myself “man they really made that guy from Law & Order: SVU look thinner and more sickly. Turns out it was Elias Koteas. I get these guys confused all the time.

I said shut up

… get on your hands and knees and shut the fuck up. Put that ass in the air as high as you can and your face to the floor. This is going to hurt, because I’m big and throbbing, but you’re gonna like it. I know you will, you slut. I’m going to rip your […]