Women sexing it up

I have a question. Why is it that women always tend to sex things up? (I’ll answer my own question below) Take for example a comic con where people dress up in costume. It’s called cosplay for anyone not in the know. It’s understandable that many female characters in comics wear tight spandex outfits that […]

Premium Plus

Can someone explain to me the benefits of Xanga’s Premium Plus? It says Unlimited storage but does that also included unlimited bandwidth and an unlimited amount of uploads per month? Why doesn’t Premium or Premium plus include more then one protected list?

Can God Destroy? CQ#5

In my continuing series of honest questions to Christians, I give you question number 5. Can God truly destroy something? Let me preface this question with some logic. If God, the creator of all things who exists outside of time and space is capable of creating all things. Can God also destroy all things to […]

Where does God… CQ#4

In my continuing series of honest questions for Christians, I present you with question number 4 Where does God come from? Some say God always existed. Atheists debate that one could easily say the same thing about our universe. If God is a being rather then an environment then God would need to exist in […]

Black Guys, White Girls

I’m not opposed to multiracial dating. But honestly it does seem like a trend these days to see black guys with white girls. I’m not sure why this is. But it’s rare for me to see this turned around. White guy, black girl. I’ve heard it said before that black guys consider it a social […]