Generally I support transgenderism. I studied up on it for a while. But I have some thoughts going through my head. Would those that are transgendered be so inclined to change their bodies if society were more accepting of people dressing and acting how they actually feel inside? Here’s where this thought comes from. If […]

Sex Drive

A buddy of mine recommended this movie to me and I checked it out a couple months ago. Love it. It’s hilarious. I love his older brother in the movie. I can’t believe it’s the same guy that plays cyclops in X-men. The main character also reminds me of Kevin Rose. When I first saw […]

The Fallout

So I guess I’m single again. Not thrilled about that, but that’s the way it goes. My girlfriend Melissa and I had a pretty big falling out last night. I’m not going to go into details because it’s personal I really don’t want to make her look a certain way. Suffice to say though, I […]

I bought a mini van

After last week when my car engine seized up on me I was without a vehical. My lovely girlfriend let me barrow hers for the week to get to work. But I knew that by this weekend I wanted to try to find something for myself. I had no money aside from what was coming […]