Xanga the next Facebook

In my last entry Facebook and Twitter WTF Internet I explored my dissatisfaction with Facebook and made a few suggestions on what in my opinion would be improvements to the site. That said. After a thinking a little more, though not much more as this thought has crossed my mind previously, I am going to put […]

The Wedding Situation

My friend Steve is getting married July 4th. Steve and I have been nearly best friends for 15 years now. But I won’t be at his wedding. Here’s why. I live in Detroit. Steve has never been a big fan of Detroit. He’s always wanted to leave the state. Several years ago he moved to […]

Google Voice

Yay! I finally got my invite to google voice. This is so cool. The only downside seems to be that I can’t make outgoing calls through google voice unless I call my own phone number. Kind of a hassle. But I hear there is an app for windows mobile or Android that will route all […]

I’m all that you ever need

Having talked with, dated and read many a womans opinions on this matter. Many generally give the same point of view while in relationship with their SO .  “I should be the only thing you desire” Or phrased differently “I want to be the only one you desire” Or any number of other wording that […]

Huh! What!

http://www.mancouch.com/705199302/chubby-guys-hot-girls/ I can’t believe there are girls in the comments saying that Seth Rogan is hot. WTF! Did the world just turn on its end? A not very funny chubby guy with a beard and jewfro is, has never been and will never be, hot. 

The Principles of Lust

So I’ve got Enigma playing on my ipod right now. The entire collection. There is a lot of stuff on here that is just plain excellent. I’ve been listening to Enigma for about 15 years now. But I admit I’ve usually just listened to it as background music during other activities. ;) This one track […]

That’s Tits Baby

I interupt my other entry I’m in the middle of writing to ask you guys (and you touchy feely girls) out there a simple question. Flat chested or big honkers? Those are your only choices right now. None of that nice and perky middle ground. Between both extremes which do you prefer?