Ode to my girlfriend

Because I’m being featured right now and my blog is seeing more attention. Then I figured what better time to declare to the xanga world just how much I love my girlfriend Melissa. She is incredibly caring, sweet, beautiful and talented.She’s the type of person to always stick by you and support you. She loves […]

Being Featured

Hey I got featured. Thanks to whoever nominated my post and to the people on the xanga team for picking it. Strangely now that I’ve been featured I don’t feel any different. Shouldn’t I feel like superman or something? Lol. Though I notice most people just check out that post and don’t go looking around […]

So there is this guy

This guy I work with. He’s a little younger then me, an intern from Russia. Every other day he walks around wearing a polo shirt with a popped collar. I mean that fucker is sticking straight up ridiculous. I’m so temped to pull him to the side and say “Hey listen, if you want people […]


EDIT: I’ve added captions for the fun of it.    The Wayne County building in downtown Detroit. We were walking around Detroit and it started to snow really hard but I had my big camera with me and shot this photo.  The box art for my feature film Falling Apart. I made the art work, […]

What is Linux?

Time for a nerd post. I’ve been a computer nerd since the late 90’s when I built my own PC. Though my first PC was actually an old Packard Bell 386 computer that was the “family computer”. The first computer that was my very own was something I built in 1998 running Windows 95. Since […]

Panic and Anxiety

    I don’t really want to talk about this subject. But I’m going to. It’s a long time coming and it’s hard to write about but here it is. (I apologize for its length) Since 2001 I’ve been suffering from anxiety. It all started After my high school sweetheart Becky and I broke up. […]