The Tudors

Tomorrow night Melissa and I are going to watch the final episode of season 3. I have no idea why this season is only 8 episodes when the previous two were each 10 episodes long. On top of that this season seemed to fly by. It didn’t seem like it was as long or as […]

iPod Touch vs Zune HD

Here comes the gadget geek in me once again.  I’ve been an ipod user for the last several years. When they first came out I really didn’t pay much attention to them. They were too expensive, they were mac only and I was perfectly content with my discman and minidisk player. It wasn’t until the […]

Taking back The Sanctuary

Years ago I started a website / messageboard about indie filmmaking called The Sanctuary. About four or five years ago life for me got complicated. I started cutting my first feature film, my son was born and work was busy. There had also been a couple of fights that broke out on the community and […]

Male Nudity Response

Ok, this isn’t so much a response as just a reverse rant I have based off a post by ShamlesslyRed found here: I have to ask the question. Do women really feel this way? Do they really dislike the nude male body that much? If this is the case then we are in a […]

I want my foreskin back!

I’ll admit I feel a little ripped off. It wasn’t my choice to have a doctor take a knife to my cock just after I was born. I understand the health benefits to not having it, but something tells me sex would be more sensational with it. To be honest I’ve never been a big […]