Tonight needs to end

It’s 3:34AM. I got back from the urgent care emergency about a half hour ago because of severe pain in my right ear. I have an ear infection that got really bad. I’ve been popping pills all day and it seems like a ton of them tonight. Antibiotics, Motrin, Asprin. I’m not a big fan […]

I Love This Song

Sleepthief – Just Say It You can listen to it on the player at the bottom of my weblog. I love the string/synth work in it. Especially around 3:34 I’ve noticed my taste in music over the last couple of years has had a certain pattern. I’m big on this electro/classical blend with female vocals. […]

The Winners Are – Xanga Booty Contest

See the original Xanga Booty Contest Voting Entry for pictures. For the Girls:First place: BrittMiles27 as #5 with fifteen(15) votesSecond place tied both with nine(9) votes #9 and #13 who were both anonymousThird place: Bluedreamer85 as #1 with seven(7) votesFourth place was tied between three people, each with three(3) votes: #2 ChocolateCoveredKittens, #3 Jewjewbeedragon and […]

Xanga Booty Contest

Xanga is filled is all kinds of great intellectual and emotional posts. But every so often we have to have a little fun. Enter the first ever (as far as I know) Xanga Booty Contest. This is your chance to show your fellow xangans that you have the best booty! Entry and Rules:This is pretty […]

The scent of pussy

I was a young boy of about six years old when I had my first encounter with a female. She was also my age. We would play in the woods together and under a blanket on a picnic table. From this very early age the scent of pussy was inscribed in my mind. I remember […]