So my girlfriend and I are both interested in having a threesome with another girl. She’s bisexual and really wants to lick some pussy and this has been a fantasy of mine since I was a kid (I kid you not). So it sounds perfect right? Just one problem, we can’t find any other girls […]

Men vs Women – Gender Roles

Gender roles exist and have existed from the start of humanity. Classically these gender roles look like this: Female: Soft spoken, caring, motherly, nurturing, supportive, emotional, seductive, submissive and sexy. Male: Hunter, gatherer, protector, outspoken, dominate, head of home, strong, unemotional and logical. Now there have always been exceptions. There always will be. While these […]

Fire in Heaven

I know the ghost of angels say to kill.  I know the philosophy in it still. I know the world revolves around it now. I know the sword fights like hell. I know the blood of thunder tastes like rain. I know the wrath of God is pain. I know the structure of it now. […]

Cheating – My Views

Xanga at times feels like a single organism. A topic comes up featured and people reply and then it spreads like a wildfire. Others blog about the topic themselves, giving their own lengthy opinions. That’s what I’m about to do here. Cheating is one of those things that has always seemed wrong to me. I’m […]