My New Religion

**ism is religion for those who are tired of religion. It is a stripped down basic belief in God. We aren’t here to preach or convert. You either believe what we believe or your don’t. We believe you are free to live your life as you wish. But if you live your life loving God […]

Male Sex Toys

There seems to be a few guys out there that are perfectly fine with sex toys for their girlfriend/wife but think it’s weird to have one themselves. Those guys seem a little boring if you ask me. I haven’t gone around trying a whole bunch of sex toys myself. I haven’t really needed to, I […]

I Hate

I don’t come across a ton of websites I genuinely hate, but is one of them. So you sign up, you put your shit on there and they send off emails whenever anyone from your class does anything. Like view you or send you messages. BUT YOU CAN’T SEE ANY OF IT WITHOUT PAYING!!! […]

Is my song annoying?

It’s been a week since I put this song up on my blog. It autoplays when you go to my main page with no way to stop it. Be honest with me, is it annoying? If so I’ll remove it. I just haven’t figured out how to add a player with controls and multiple songs […]

Christian Bale

Me: Some girl says I look like Christian BaleJosh: You should yell at herMe: Why, it’s not the first time I’ve gotten that … (remembers) oh I get it.Josh: (best english accent) “You fucking bitch”Me: (best english accent) “What the fuck, you don’t see me fucking walking over there fucking telling you you fucking look […]