Do I look fat?

Seriously my current profile picture makes me look a little round in the face. But the scale doesn’t say I’ve put on any weight. Must be the lighting. I don’t know. I wish I had the chiseled jaw, manly man look going for me. I guess that movie I was planning on directing and starring […]

Success Story – Overcoming eating disorders

I don’t know how I ever came upon this topic in general, but it all started when I touched on it with my entry “Teenage girls are fucking stupid these days” Then it sort of blossomed. I found this image, showing a young women who had an eating disorder, stopped, got heavier and then […]

Smarter men have more sperm.

This is a pretty interesting study. “Women tend to like smart men because they’re usually more successful and better providers. But here’s another reason: Their sperm is better, a new study says. The smarter the men were, the more sperm they produced and the better their wee ones swam — and it didn’t matter […]