This is strange (NSFW)

So I was looking at recently uploaded images on deviant art and this guy posts this picture of his 19 year old daughter running out of the pool naked. I don’t know, there is just something weird to me about a dad posting a naked picture of his daughter on the internet as a birthday […]

All the virgins waiting

There seems to be a good amount of virgin girls on xanga waiting to have sex until they’re married. I’m not seeing as many guys saying that but then again, the xanga populace seems to be dominated by females. I also believe that there are only three reasons a guy would still be a virgin […]

The Angry Atheist

I wanted to link to this because I thought it was well written. I’m going to take a break after this from writing about religion. The topic is just getting old to me and lets face it, it’s never ending. I’ll probably come back to it again in the future, as these things often go […]