Rim jobs and anal sex.

Rim jobs. Yes. Rim jobs. I’m not talking about those twenty inch spinners you put on your car, I’m talking about finessing tailpipe with the tip of your tongue.

There are many people that seem to think this is disgusting. It’s understandable why. But once you get your head around it, you’ll realize it’s not that big of a deal and really not as bad as you might think. Kinky, yes, and fun.

If your boyfriend decides to go down on you from behind it might be a little surprising at first. Enjoy it. Know that he’s doing it because he worships every inch of your body. It can be very stimulating and enjoyable once you put it in your mind that it’s not a bad thing.

Now here’s a tip.

#. Stay clean. Best to do something like this after you’ve both taken a shower.

Rim jobs can be enjoyable for both parties. Whether it’s the guy going down on the girl or the reverse.

Anal sex.
 Now here’s a hot topic, I haven’t yet met a girl who doesn’t want to try anal sex. Yes I’ve met a lot of them that say “No way! Exit only!” until I get them in my bed. Maybe I have some sort of amazing power over women that just makes them want to spread themselves open for me. But I’m not that arrogant. Instead I believe that somewhere deep inside every women is a desire to try it. To be penetrated and completely surrender themselves to the cock. Whatever it is, I don’t know, but if you’re thinking “no way” ask yourself “what does an anal orgasm feel like?” and if you can’t answer it, maybe you might be curious to find out.

That said lets talk about some tips.

1. Always use plenty of lube. I would think this would be obvious but you never know. If need be, start with your finger or your tongue to help get used to the idea.

2. Guys, go slooowwww. You’re going to have to be very patient and listen to what she is saying and how she is reacting. If she says pull out then pull out. Don’t say “alright baby hold on a minute”, no dude, pull out. Also she might not tell you, so you have to read her. If she looks like she’s going to deliver a baby then pull out, but do it slowly. Once you get past the sphincter your ride will be much smoother but it may take a couple of tries.

3. Girls, push out while he’s pushing in. It’s important to relax, the more relaxed you are the less it will be uncomfortable.

4. Once you’re in, pause for a minute, don’t move. Let her body get used to you being there. At this time it would be a good idea to start playing with her clit. Get her going. This will also help relax her.

5. Don’t double dip. That is, don’t switch back and forth from the back to the front. This can cause infections and other problems. If you’re going to use the back door and then want to have vaginal sex, clean up first.

Most importantly enjoy yourself.  It’s not dirty and it can be a lot of fun for both people.

In our next chapter I’ll talk about anal play for men.

EDIT – I hope people take this as the sort of tongue in cheek (no pun in tended jewjewbee ;) entry I intended it to be. Although the tips are solid.

Finding my xanga niche

I’ve been posting here since November 20th. So not very long. I haven’t had a lot of activity. My topics tend to be all over the place. I’m not a cute girl and don’t belong to the club of pseudo-celebrity bloggers that exist here and seem to the control the vast amount of people’s attention. I’m getting a picture painted in my head that there is a close knit family of bloggers here that all know each other and I’m not quite excepted yet.

If you’re here, looking at my blog, you’re going to find it hard to follow. I’m not at all consistent, I could go a week without saying anything and then post six entries all in the same day. I don’t stick to one set of subjects like relationships and sex (which seem to be the most popular here). At one time I could be talking about sex and the next I’m blogging about computer architecture, atheism or whatever. That’s just how my mind has always worked.

I don’t expect to get a lot of comments or a lot of views the way it is now. But this also isn’t my only blog, I’ve been on the internet for well over a decade and if you google “roxics” you’ll see years of legacy on messageboards and communities ranging from all types of topics including my personal wordpress blog roxics.com, and my livejournal account which dates back to 2002.

That said, I figure, why do the same thing with this blog as I do with the others. So my wish with this blog is to be a little more consistent and stick to some set of topics. Maybe even gain a decent sized readership. It would be nice.

So based on what I’ve already written, what topics do you think I should stick to? Which ones interest you the most?


Does the US need more socialism?

I’m not huge on politics. But I do follow some and of course being a US citizen comes with its own set of experiences. The US is big on capitalism, that’s one of the things that has helped this country become what it is today. However, that said, in the age of mega corporations and a failing economy, is it time to take a serious look at more socialist programs?
I don’t know for sure but I get the impression that a lot of Europe has a sort of capitalist/socialist setup. Programs like universal health care, free college, and many others designed to help people. The trade off is usually higher taxes, but then, is it worth it?

To me it is, I’ll tell you why, because people don’t always do the right thing. The republicans were talking about ditching social security and going to a tax break for people to save their retirement. I’m sorry I don’t buy into that. It sounds good in theory to have a choice, but honestly a lot of people are lazy and financially irresponsible and won’t do it. So then what happens to them when they get to retirement, they’re screwed? How about with keep it the way it is, it was set up after the great depression for that reason. It was a mistake not to have it to begin with and thats why we set it up, so now you want to take it away???

I believe that a hybrid form of socialism and capitalism can exist in this country and that we might be better off for it. Universal health care that can also be complimented with private coverage sounds like a decent idea. Why hasn’t this idea been brought to the table yet? Maybe it has, but I haven’t heard of it.

I don’t want to turn 30. I want to be 20 again.

I’m going to be 30 years old this February forth. Where does the time go? I feel like my twenties just flew by. I feel like I wasted them. I made my first feature film at age 24. I was 25 when Gabe was born and thrown into the whole family man scenario, in a relationship with a bitch which ended only last year. Time wasted. I never went to college, aside from community college for a few classes. I’ve spent all my time working and doing god knows what.

This birthday is really hitting me hard. I don’t want to be done with my twenties. I don’t want to grow up. I want to be young and have fun. But I see all these college kids these days and I feel so old compared to them.  Makes me wonder how I should act. I feel like I acted like I was in my thirties when I was in my twenties. Now that I’m approaching thirty quickly I want to be in my twenties again. I want to go to parties and play beer pong and run around in my underwear on campus and live in a coed dorm and do all the things I never got to do because I never went to college when I should have.

But then part of me knows I never could now, that I would feel like an idiot for acting that way. I just feel like life is pushing me to settle down and something inside me doesn’t want to. I want to rage out and be young again. I want to hold onto my twenties.

Can thirty be the new twenty? Can we all agree on this?

Die Hard Christians

You know I used to be a Christian at some point in my life. But I guess you could say I stopped believing in fairy tales. The idea of some all powerful creator watching over any of us is ridiculous at best. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just that it’s highly highly unlikely.

Die hard Christians make every claim on faith, as if logic is totally fallible. Actually it’s the other way around. Just having faith in something doesn’t make it true, all it does is make it wishful thinking to the point of self delusion.

I know it’s hard for some people to accept, but life is not fair and it’s not predictable and it’s not easily solved. There is a very logical reason why that is, because it has no path and neither do we as a piece of it. But that’s not a bad thing.

Isn’t it a miracle enough that we are just alive and can experience life and this beautiful world? Why do some people have to make unfounded claims about an afterlife or an all loving God?

It’s so easy for women

All they have to do is put on something sexy and give you that “come fuck me face” and guys fall all over them. When guys do it though, women just laugh at us. It’s so difficult being a guy and figuring out what women find sexy.

When I was single the only women that seemed to give me any attention were the fat chicks. I’m sorry if I offend anyone but here’s how I see it, I’m not fat, so why would I want to date a fat chick? Call me an asshole and shallow all you want, I don’t care how beautiful they are on the inside if they can’t get me off on the outside. Physical attraction is just as important as personality. So in my dating profiles I used to put “no fat chicks please”. Unfortunately this kind of backfires since 99% of the women out there seem to think they’re fat no matter how skinny they are. The rest just thought I was an asshole for putting it there. Sorry if I was blunt, but lets be honest, after a while of going to the bars and hitting on decent looking women and getting rejected, only to have the fat ones ask you to dance, you get a little bitter.

I guess the only thing I can really say is that the fat ones are usually better at identifing the decent guys. And yes I’m going to be arrogant and call myself a decent guy. I think I am. I know I am.

Lets just say I’m lucky I found a girl who is both physically and mentally attractive and seems to love me as much as I do her. But it wasn’t easy. So haha all you other skinny chicks that lost out.  You had your chance and you fucked up, next time you go to the bar and see a quiet guy like me, run the fuck over and do everything you can to swoon them. Those douchebag guys you usually talk to and gush over are only going to break your heart.

Symbolic Dream

Years ago I dated a girl who was my first real love. She was my high school sweetheart and we dated from age 17 until age 22. I walked away from that relationship fucked up and a year after had my first panic attack which changed me forever since. First loves and losses of that love are a hard lesson we learn in life.

Last night I had a dream about her, as I sometimes do from time to time. In this dream, her and I were about 22 again and there was some sort of weird military stage show we went to. Apparently the two of us had broken up for three years and had just gotten back together somehow. We had started watching this stage show when we broke up but never finished it, now we were finishing the show as we were back together.

The weird part is that throughout the dream I played two versions of myself and I was aware of this in the dream. One part of me would stop and watch as the other part would run up to her and kiss her and grab her hand and run off to window to show her something.  I would watch her and myself and how happy we were together and I would feel a sense of envy even though I knew it was myself I was watching.

I remember standing leaned against a wall watching the two of them (her and myself) and telling some guy about this dual experience. He told me I should go and combined myself. To go and become one with myself again. So I walked over to myself, turned around and held my arms out to my side as if I were Christ on the cross and I fell back into my other self. Accept I didn’t. The two of us collided as two people smacking into each other and not com binding. This followed by the quick thought that we are not the same two people as I had believed, and then I woke up.

So what does this dream mean to me?
Well immediately upon waking I took it as symbolism for the two people that I have been in my life. The person before my panic attacks and the person I have become after them.

But this is a divide I created in my own mind. I know I am still and always was the same person. Thinking back I remember having feelings of anxiety long before I ever met her, and even today I act similar to how I did when I was with her. So I know I am still the same person, yet my subconscious still creates with divide as if I am a different person now then I used to be and this dream is an example of that.

I wonder how I can get my subconscious and my logical mind to sync up and realize this.

Morning comes early, but sleep escapes me

Argh…. It’s just after 3:30 AM and I am still awake. I have to be up for work at 7. I guess that afternoon nap with Melissa was a bad idea. She was the one that was worried she’d be up all night but she’s sound asleep right now and I’m the one at the computer. Ok time to log off, this was a pointless entry anyway.

Food for thought, if you’re tired and want to stay awake, try the internet.