Go away sickness!

I’ve been sick since Wednesday. It was really bad on Thanksgiving and the day after. I’ve had a fever that keeps coming and going. Today its been gone, at least I think. My temp is 99 degrees, but that could be my normal temp, I don’t feel feverish. My big problem tonight is my cough, […]

R.I.P. Edd Sidebottom

I found out tonight that Edd passed away last night. Edd was a really nice guy. I knew him for years. Unfortunately it’s been about 3-4 years since him and I last saw each other. He was in my feature film Falling Apart. he played the role of Georgie, a likable character that was an […]


                                                                                                                        You Scored as Either You brain is neither specifically male, nor female in the way you perceive your surroundings. As bad as this may sound to some, it can easily mean that you are capable of combining both  gender aspects to your advantage. Rather than being […]

Supporting Indie Music

I’ve been really into E.S. Posthumus lately. Epic. Powerful. Beautiful. Spiritual. So I bought the single “Unstoppable” and the album “Cartographer”. I already had “Unearthed” which I bought a couple of years ago. I don’t mind buying a CD if the music is great and the money is going to the artist directly. http://cdbaby.com/cd/esposthumus7

Guys are sexy too

I feel bad for all the guys on sites like Deviant Art who put themselves out there doing nude photography of themselves. If they’re lucky they get one or two comments from another guy. Meanwhile the females get multiple comments from both guys and girls. Poor guys. Guys can be sexy too. :(

Trying to smile more

My personality has always been a little strange. I once had a friend tell me he’s never met anyone remotely close to me. Women seem to either love me or detest me. I have my fascinations and my stubborn streak. I named my son after an archangel as I was named after an archangel. But […]

Why I switched to mac

I built my first PC in 1998, the same year Apple released the iMac. I remember going to compUSA and checking out the iMac. It was cute and interesting. Didn’t really understand it, I asked the Apple guy there if I could install Mac OS on my PC and he gave me a snobbish “no”. […]