Dark Ages of America

Lets get a little political for a moment. I’m not a supporter of the George W. Bush administration. I feel that as a result of his presidency we entered into a sort of dark ages in this country. During most of this presidency we’ve been at war, we’ve been attacked at home to an extent […]

Electronic Tattoos

Last night I had a dream of a grand parade. There were sand colored roman columns nearly six stories tall that lined a mall that was easily a half a mile long. Think of the visuals from the film “300” because that’s what this dream was like, probably inspired by seeing a trailer for the […]

The World Becomes One

The other day I was listening to National Public Radio on my way home from work and they had a commentary piece on from Philosopher Alain de Botton about how the worlds architecture today is all the same no matter where you go. It really made me think, he’s right. Sure you have your staple […]