Virtual Reality Compression

Imagine if you could do a 3d scan of various objects at a certain resolution. Say 1 megapixels (1 million pixels) per square centimeter. Then you took those various objects and placed them all in a 3d enviornment. You would end up with an enviornment that was several billion pixels in size. In order to […]


French owned RCA has announced that it will start shipping DVD players in the United States that will automatically censor offensive language, nudity, violence and other “offensive” content from DVDs that are played on the new player. This was done at Wal-Mart’s urging, RCA has claimed. Both Wal-Mart and Kmart will sell the players for […]

Video Games

I’ve been taking a look at a few screenshots for the game Doom3 which will be released later this year. I have to say this looks like a pretty intense game. The industry has come a long way. I’m not a big gamer myself. Every once in a while I find myself playing one to […]

Hover Cars

Science Fiction films like Back the the Future 2 and others have all introduced to the concept of hover cars. Cars that fly around or float rather then being planted firmly on the ground by four wheels. But lets not confuse these things with airplanes and helicopters. Aside from the “cool factor” of what it […]


It makes no sense to me that we gang up a bunch of outlaws in one place so they can network and trade ideas with each other and become more hostile. When you’re in school the teacher always splits up the “bad kids” or the kids who are talking throughout class. Tries to get them […]