11 months now! Smoke free

Come October I’ll have been vaping for a year straight. No smoking. Just made some juice tonight. Right now I’m vaping an apple/strawberry blend. Also made some bubble gum and tutti-frutti which sort of tastes like juicy fruit or an old fashion lollipop.

I don’t understand why anyone would smoke anymore. Vaping is so much nicer. Not only do I NOT have the health problems I had when I was smoking, I also don’t stink, I don’t have to deal with ashtrays and I can vape in bars and at my desk at work. My next goal is to buy a high volt mod like an Omega or GLV2(which is made in my home town) or Copper.

The good life. :)

P.S. I am considered a veteran vaper on ECF but man oh man there are so many vapers now and so many ways to vape. It’s crazy. But totally awesome how many people are discovering it. Smokers have no excuse for smoking anymore.

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  1. @TheTheologiansCafe – Yes. Vaping is the act of using an e-cig. Vapers are people who use e-cigs. PV (personal vaporizer) is the proper term for an e-cig. But we all call them e-cigs anyway. But most of us don’t use anything that looks like a cigarette, because all of those suck. For the most part. 

  2. I actually quit smoking myself… I kind of quit in December but fell into temptation in march again but it didn’t last because by then I hated it… I’m pretty sure I’ve been clean since then, although sometimes the smell either grosses me out or makes me crave but I would only smoke cloves so if it’s not the scent of cloves I wont even want to smell… I’m much happier not smoking. :) 

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