Christmas List 2023

Sometimes I overcomplicate things. In 2020 I started my master list of things I want. The idea was to update it over the year as new things popped up that I wanted. I could reference it myself, or give the link to people for Christmas or my birthday whenever anyone asked. My girlfriend used it […]

My Christian Deconversion

Music for reading: Hania Rani live at Invalides, in Paris, France for Cercle All A.I. artwork below was generated by me. I listen to a lot of deconversion stories while making food or eating or other things. I’m always kind of amazed at some of the things people had to go through growing up in […]

Let’s Talk Laserdisc

I never got into Laserdisc. I remember it being around when I was a kid (and early teenager). I remember thinking it was cool. I wanted a player and some movies, but they were all too expensive. I also remember that when I was around twelve years old I was at a friend’s house and […]

My Playstation Relationship

So I was thinking about the Playstation tonight and I’ve got this weird relationship with it. When I think about me and gaming, I don’t think abut the Playstation I instead think about iconic systems like the NES, Genesis, and Super NES. I even think about some systems I never owned like the TG16 or […]

Babylon – Movie Review

I’ve posted some movie reviews in the past on Rotten Tomatoes and Facebook. But they tend to get lost in the shuffle of everything else I post on Facebook and attempting to log into Rotten Tomatoes today revealed that all my reviews are gone for some reason. Not that there was more than maybe a […]

Free Will Revisited

Back in 2009 I made a video about free will. What’s interesting is that I largely feel the same way today as I did back then. I just know more about the subject today. There are three main categories people tend to fall into when it comes to free will. Those are: Determinism Compatibilism Libertarianism […]

Return to Atheism

I’ve attempted (successfully) to avoid writing about subjects like this (in this blog) over the last several years. I’ve wanted to keep things more light-hearted and not dive into the heavier more debated subjects I used to drown this site in. Keeping mostly to my various feelings on physical media formats and technology. Maybe I […]

Snobs, Sluts, and Garbage Collectors – Cinephiles

I’ve noticed that there are three types of cinephiles outside your average movie enjoying public. I’ve categorized them as follows: 1. Snobs. These are your hoity-toity cinephiles who sometimes use their movie collection to feel culturally superior to others. Be it Criterion Collection, anime, or something else. While not always snobby, not to make them sound […]